nedelja, 01. september 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 26.8.-1.9.

Pink Diamond introduced you her sweet little sins

Vesna made this amazing pinky shirt! 

Katja shows you her look

Alja have her "I don`t have time" eyeshadow routine.

Ina have those amazing Catrice products.

Yanya talks about problems with bloging.

UniqaPoly got some new products in August.

Erika is going to be a make up artist!

C`est la vie got a new tattoo!

Taya post video tutorial how to make a braided bun.

Adjusting Beauty have a review for you - tangle teezer.

Purcell talks about bags.

Vanja chosed her August favourites.

Mateja was in Ljubljana.

Katja needs your help to became Slovenian ambassador for Wella

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